Half-yearbreakdown (08-07-2015)

My life

lishenho, lishen ho, li shen ho

The last few months have been a physical roller-coaster for me. I went to the gym very often and reached a definite peak when it came to my physique, until the exams started and I became very stressed. This led to an overly stressed mind that did not feel any need to eat at any time. Then, after the exams a month of partying started. First in Palma de Mallorca, but soon after, also back in my hometown. Now that’s about to end as well. Just in time, because I don’t think my body can cope with any more. My sleeping pattern is messed up and so is my habit of eating every few hours. I’m super happy that I can finally close my career in high school and move on with my life. However, I do miss the full schedule I used to have, the targets I had to reach and the learning about new things continuously. Sure, I’ve had days of wanting to quit school because it didn’t seem realistic anymore to do what we were asked to do, but I’m drowning in spare time now and I realise what I’m missing, now that it’s gone. Of course, I’m planning to continue studying in the future. But for those who didn’t know this yet, I didn’t get accepted into the university that I wanted, so I decided to have a gap year. I recently bought myself a book, so that I don’t feel wasting my time anymore as much as I used to do in the past weeks. All I did was pretty much lie in bed and watch films and series on Netflix.

Enough about me. What were you up to these past months?

p.s. This post was written a month ago but left unposted since then. My holidays to Italy and Switzerland helped me a bit to cope with the tiredness, but I am still not back to the me I was before.

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