New in: Dupe triangl bikinis + review!


IMG_4410 Desktop19 IMG_4401 As soon as the sun shines more often and the summer clothes can be worn again, I start looking for new bikinis. This year my eyes caught some really nice ones from Triangl. You’ve probably already seen many girls wearing them on your Instagram feed. The price of a Triangl bikini varies between 79-99 USD + 20 USD shipping costs. After hesitating very much, since I am supposed to save my money for my trip to Australia, I agreed with the price.. until I found out that as soon as your bikini arrives at your home, you have to pay more (import taxes etc.). Therefore, I looked up whether there were other possibilities for me ending up on Aliexpress. I soon found ‘Triangl’ bikinis for only 10 bucks, but after reading the reviews realised you really get what you pay for. So, I bought two bikinis one that costed about $10 and another once worth about $50. Am I satisfied? Very very much! At first I had my doubts about this purchase, since I’d never used Aliexpress to buy any goods before. The cheap one surely isn’t as great as the expensive one, but it was definitely worth the 10 dollars. The top is wonderful, but the bottoms were just a little too loose for me, so I ordered them one size smaller. The bit more expensive bikini was simply stunning. It fits perfectly and it’s got even the tags in it! Also, it got send in the original Triangl box and the quality is great, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was made in the exact same factory as the original ones.

My tip for you: always read as many reviews as possible and read them accurately! :)

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