Happy not so happy

My life

img_8492 While most of my friends go to school or work everyday, I spent the last few days planning and preparing my birthday, whilst being under the influence of all kinds of painkillers. Last week both of my right wisdom teeth got pulled out and yesterday it was the turn of the other two. I expected the pain to last only for a couple of days, but I guess I was a bit too optimistic. Although I had a great birthday -I turned 19 on the 19th- and enjoyed the time I had with my friends, I’m currently not so happy: in bed incapable of eating anything and with a stomach ache to top it off. I might go to the gym in a bit to get my head off everything. Fortunately, I’ve got some lovely things planned this week with my friends to look forward to.

Journey update: I have been granted a working holiday visit for Australia and the first tickets are booked!

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