May my wish come true.. // Lost in Tokyo


Meji Jingu Shrine Meji Jingu ShrineMeji Jingu ShrineMeji Jingu Shrine Meji Jingu Shrine Day 1 – October 3rd, 2015

While my parents started this morning with a visit to a local fish market, I enjoyed my night – more like whole morning – of sleep and tried to figure out how to get to Tokyo by train. This was quite a struggle, since barely anyone spoke English, which meant I had to try to make myself clear in every other way possible, and I had some trouble understanding the signs to find my way in and out. Luckily, I figured it all out and now that I’ve done it once already, it’ll be a lot easier to get there again tomorrow morning. The shrine we visited today was absolutely beautiful, as well as some of the people there wearing traditional Japanese costumes. (I’ll probably share those photos with you later on my blog or Instagram.) I traditionally – or at least tried to copy the local people as well as I could – offered some money, bent twice, clapped twice and made a wish. Whilst visiting the shrine, we also saw two couples getting married, which started with a wonderful ceremony to look at. I really hope to see more of those impressive events during my journey, but I think chances are very high they will, since this was only one of my first days away from home.

Day 2, October 4th, 2015

Today I got to the Tokyo train station a lot quicker and easier than yesterday, which opened up the opportunity to think about what I was going to do there. I ended up with the idea of visiting the Idemitsu Art Museum. Don’t ask me why, I just noticed that it wasn’t that far away from the train station and I do like art now and then. When I looked up the route description on my cellphone, I found it quite strange that it was going to take me about half an hour by foot to get there, but the stupid person that I am, I did not check anything of the route. So, after walking for approximately 28 minutes, I bumped into a funeral procession as it seemed, since nobody talked and just walked in a row while dressed completely black. I found it very odd that I had not seen any kind of sign that there was a museum nearby.. When I looked on my phone, I realised that my navigation brought me to a completely different building, which looked wonderful from the outside, but anything like a tourist would visit. Fortunately, I noticed that an Abercrombie store was nearby, so that’s where I spent my first hour of the day. Yup, I ended up shopping the whole day. I’m currently in my room thinking of ways on how to work out and keep my body looking the way it is. I’ve realised that I usually train to enjoy more kinds of food and that without kicking my butt, all I do is eat and gain weight/lose muscle/get thicker, which makes me feel really uncomfortable with myself. This is the least that I’d like to feel right now, so I really need to work on this. Also, this causes pains in my knees and back, as I have to maintain my quads and core in order to avoid this, according to my physiotherapist.

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