The big catch-up


1 2 3 4 5 6So I know that I’ve not updated you for a while, but the Wi-Fi we were supposed to have in our room in Hong Kong was absolutely rubbish and so was my energy level. When I arrived on the airport in HK, I was shocked by its size. I mean, obviously I expected it to be huge, but a metro that would bring me from the place where I’d just arrived to my baggage claim? Really?? It was my first flight completely alone, so I was really scared that I’d lose or forget something. Luckily, this didn’t happen.

HK was really amazing, but would be even greater if I were rich. The shops are gorgeous and there are many expensive brands that have a store there. The shop windows were very satisfying for my eyes, let’s put it that way. There was a Synergy 24 Drum Competition that we bumped into, visited many night markets, took wrong metro’s that accidentally brought us to the exact right direction for me – I’d been looking for the right Nike Huaraches for weeks, since I’d fallen in love with a pair whilst my stay in Japan, but couldn’t find them again -,  found a bakery that sold many snacks that my grandma used to give me, walked through amazing parks – as they had a small fitness section, fountains and even aviaries(!!) -, bought foods that I love from different street stands and even got my buttock vaccinated by Robert, who does not have a single clue on how to do it!! Yeah, that was probably one of the highlights of my stay there. No, I did not let him do it voluntarily, I pretty much had to, since there was no refrigerator to keep it in, nor anybody better that I could find. He did a great job though.

We’re currently staying in Sydney and did a bit of sightseeing already. When we first arrived here in Australia, we were a little shocked by the prices we saw when we did our first grocery shopping. Fortunately, we found many cheap options already, so we’re back on the healthy tour again. We’re planning on staying here until Monday and then go on a 7-day surf camp near Sydney, ending in Byron Bay. We’ve noticed that it’s better not to plan too much in advance, but just see where the people you meet and the circumstances bring you to. I was really happy to meet Philip the day before yesterday evening, who I’d seen only once before. I was kind of surprised to bump into him all the way here, Down Under. Thanks to him we got to meet three very lovely Swedish girls and two English lads. We’ve also spoken to an American today, who learned us a bit about his experiences during traveling and on where to go/not to go. It’s great being here and meeting all these people from different countries, but I do feel a bit of an outsider in this hostel, since majority of the backpackers here have travelled for quite a while already and they’re at least like 5 years older than me..

Today’s schedule exists of probably going to Manly Beach to see what it’s like over there and I’m hoping to find a barbecue spot, since I read something like that in a flyer :)

How are y’all doing yourselves? 

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