New year, new happenings.. (part 2)



Alright, alright, I’ll admit that I’ve been quite an amazing postponer when it comes to writing the next chapter of my journey through Oceania. But better late than never. Another factor that pushed me to write it today is that tomorrow afternoon, I’m leaving to Barcelona for 5 days with my mom. What’s the point in staying where you are, if you don’t like it there.

I liked New Zealand for its untouched nature. I’ve never seen such great landscapes right next to the ocean, resulting in unrealistic photos with deep blue and green. I’d definitely recommend people to go there, but to be frank with you, I wouldn’t want to live there. I really missed having many people around me and it seemed so weird to me that there were barely any high buildings. Imagine looking at a mountain without having a single clue how tall it actually is because there’s barely anything to compare it to. This really just blew my mind. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the photos we took there as much as I liked being there and I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day

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