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I have not shared this story with you, just yet. However, you would’ve figured it out anyway sooner or later, since you can tell it by the photos taken in Switzerland that I have not published yet..

About a week ago, I removed every single of my lash extensions. Due to these, I had trouble using my contact lenses. It is known that the extensions used for eyelashes will change the air circulation of your eyes causing them to be dry and irritated. Thus, whilst my stay in Italy I had to change from contact lenses to my glasses very often at the most awkward times. Obviously, I was done with all the problems and removed my extensions with olive oil. I thought I’d taken care of everything – bought myself mascara and borrowed my sister’s eye-liner – until I realised that I had not used anything like those for 3 years (!!). Yup, I can frankly say that I was very much disappointed in myself. Luckily, thank god, the woman who usually puts the extensions on my lashes came by last weekend and fixed everything for me. One week to rest my eyes seemed long enough to me and I really hope my eyes think the same way about this ;)

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Naked. Wait, naked?!

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If you clicked the link because you thought this post contained nude photos of me, then I’ve got to disappoint you, because it doesn’t. I really hope nobody clicked it for that reason though, since my blog isn’t suppose to be for that kind of public.. Anyways, as you might can see when you look at the pictures shown above, this post is about my newest purchase when it comes to makeup. About 2 weeks ago – damn time flies by so quickly – my family and I went to Italy. When we went shopping in Arezzo, my mom had to go to Sephora to buy herself a new eye-liner. And, since Sephora closed all her shops in The Netherlands, I immediately walked towards the Benefit, Urban Decay, Makeup For Ever and Too Faced sections. I’d considered buying the Naked palette a couple times already, but never did because of its price. When my mom was looking for a new eye shadow, – she randomly searches for things when she’s in a beauty-retail, because she sees wonderful things everywhere – I showed her the Naked2 palette. If you’re very into beauty, then you know how wonderful and magical it is. Surprisingly she asked me, yes you read it right, whether I wanted it! And again, all I could do was nod and smile like a freaking fool, just like I did a couple weeks ago when she asked me whether I wanted to become a premium member on WordPress. I’m so proud to say that I’m an owner of a freaking Urban Decay palette, woohooo! There’s just this one thing.. I’m scared to use it because I might mess it all up and then it will look ugly which would be such a shame!
Does anyone have any experience with this product? Tips or nice tutorials on youtube that you’d recommend me to watch in order to get the best results?

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