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It is only one week left until university starts and while most of the people around me feel upset about this, I feel quite the contrary about it. This year obviously didn’t go as planned, since I decided to drop out of university around February. I started working at a restaurant as a waitress, which was fun while it lasted, but this is most definitely not something I’d see myself doing in the long run. I continued studying throughout the second school semester up until summer break, which motivated me even more and had a hell of a holiday (Ibiza as shown above and Thailand). Well, here we are: counting down the days until my second first day at university. What’s a better way to kick off the school year with a list of things you know are coming this year, but seem to be funnier now than when it happens.

★ if you are feeling rad don’t let anyone ever turn the r into an s

★ losing everything but weight

★ things that cause me a mental breakdown:
– slow internet connection
– losing something i held a second ago
– kids screaming for no reason
– girls with annoying voices
– my mom
– arguing with stupid people

★ swag won’t pay the bills but apparently neither will your degree

★ do not fix your dark circles let the world know you’re tired of its shit and ready to kill a man

★ hey sorry I’m late I didn’t want to come

★ are there actually people out there who make their beds every morning or is that just a myth

★ Anyway moral of the story is be nice but don’t be too nice

★ dividing 22 by 7 is easy as pi

★ I talk a lot of shit for someone who panics while ordering food at restaurants

★ everywhere is a bed if you try hard enough

★ Raise ur hand if u are scared af about the future yet u couldn’t care less at the same time bc u only live once

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Today is a beautiful day to be alive









Good day my fellas,

I’m sending heaps of love all the way from Denver, Colorado to wherever place you may be at 
I’m currently enjoying life to the fullest, but my journey to get here didn’t happen as smoothly as my mom and I were hoping for. Let’s go back to day 1, Friday June 9th..

My dad came into my room to wake me up, as it was 7:15am, while we were supposed to leave at 7am. Luckily I packed my bags already, so I jumped out of bed, put on my sweatpants and the first shirt I could find, and raced downstairs. My mom however, took all the time she needed to finish her make-up first and make herself some coffee.. Why didn’t I realise any sooner that nobody dislikes hurrying more than my mom does: dammit!

After a couple of traffic jams we finally arrived at the airport. But as soon as we tried checking in, we were told that we needed Canadian visas for our transit in Toronto. They told us that we didn’t need to worry, because this was easily and rapidly done online, so we did. We both immediately received an email back. My mom’s application was approved, but mine needed review first. The gate closed at 9:55am, but they postponed the closing time to 10:05am just in case mine got approved in the remaining time. At 10am I told my mom she really needed to go and that I really didn’t want her to miss her flight, because then she wouldn’t be in time for her medical conference. I planned on taking a direct flight to Denver, so that I would be able to meet her as soon as I got there. We split up our stuff and I waved her goodbye. But then, at 10:07am my phone started buzzing. It was the approvement for my visa!! My mom turned around as she heard me screaming and pretty much begged the check in lady to reopen with success.

You can fill in what happened next I guess. So yeah, here I am now: jetlagged, hurt caused by the long flight, but happier than I’ve ever been these couple of months.

Short recap of the last couple of days:

  • I thought it looked a bit chilly outside since 35 degrees Celsius was expected. Turned out the sun hadn’t fully risen yet as it was only 6:30am in the morning and I was just jetlagged.
  • I had to delete a bunch of photos because my mom either cuts off my feet or my hands from pictures.. Photos of the floor or sky aren’t infrequent either
  • The waitress kept refilling my moms coffee, even if she’d only taken one small sip of it resulting in my mom being confused as whether she had to put extra milk in it as well or not.
  • I felt like carrying a body bag for about 6 hours, since my arms got really tired and the bag without handles, was filled with 3 pairs of new shoes. #firstworldproblems
  • I ordered an Ice Tea to get some extra sugar/energy in my body, but literally received an Iced Tea. My mom was surprised it wasn’t pre-sugared yet and asked the waitress for one herself now that she’d seen mine. The waitress responded “Yeah well everything’s better when it’s sweetened, innit?” to which my mom answered “No..” resulting in a very awkward but funny situation.
  • I got really disappointed in the Denver Art Museum, until I found out there were 6 more levels to visit..

Whoops! #sillyme #sillyli

Kisses & Hugs, XOXO

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