Little bit of the here and now


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I have not shared this story with you, just yet. However, you would’ve figured it out anyway sooner or later, since you can tell it by the photos taken in Switzerland that I have not published yet..

About a week ago, I removed every single of my lash extensions. Due to these, I had trouble using my contact lenses. It is known that the extensions used for eyelashes will change the air circulation of your eyes causing them to be dry and irritated. Thus, whilst my stay in Italy I had to change from contact lenses to my glasses very often at the most awkward times. Obviously, I was done with all the problems and removed my extensions with olive oil. I thought I’d taken care of everything – bought myself mascara and borrowed my sister’s eye-liner – until I realised that I had not used anything like those for 3 years (!!). Yup, I can frankly say that I was very much disappointed in myself. Luckily, thank god, the woman who usually puts the extensions on my lashes came by last weekend and fixed everything for me. One week to rest my eyes seemed long enough to me and I really hope my eyes think the same way about this ;)

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My latest purchases


IMG_5847 IMG_5857

Firstly I’d like to apologize for my huge absence on this blog. I simply just don’t have any time to spend to blogging, although I still love sharing posts with you. I’m currently very busy with school and often sleep in the spare time that I’ve got left. Whether it’s 1 pm, 4 pm or 8 pm. I just need to catch up as much sleep as possible, since school exhausts me a lot.
Anyways, what this blogpost is about: some of my new purchases. I used to apply my concealer with a little sponge, until a saleswomen made me realize that this wastes a lot of your product. Majority gets absorbed by it, so unless you don’t mind spending tons to new concealers, I’d highly recommend you to quit using one.  I then tried applying my make-up with my fingers, which didn’t turn out correctly either. I’m very happy with my concealer brush, as it’s very nice to use and the result is great.
Other than this, I also bought a new pair of boots. Whenever I feel like wearing a dress, which isn’t that often though, I usually find myself struggling to find a nice pair of shoes that matches my outfit, without either looking like a hooker or vagabond. The solution to this problem was quite simple for me.. these black boots. Although its heel looks quite high, it’s not difficult to walk on them at all.

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