The obsessive kind of girl


IMG_8505TUM TUM TUM, I’m turning 18 in 10 days!!(september 19th) Finally I’ll be an adult (or at least am supposed to be one..). Being the almost birthday girl brings the very difficult task along to make a wish list. So, that’s what I did. I wrote down a list of things that I wanted, such as some weights. When my parents agreed with it, I obviously felt very happy and excited. However, yesterday evening they confronted me with their worries. According to them, I’m the kind of person who gets obsessive with something quite often, which I unfortunately can’t deny. They never occur at the same time and only last for a certain period. For example, I used to obsess over tiny rings, that I’d wear all the time and as many as possible; ‘healthy’ eating: I’d eat one thing or two things, that according to myself were very healthy, all the time and would freak out if we run out of it; swimming: I felt the urge to swim every day or else I’d feel really bad about myself; twitter: I had to check it continuously and had to be active every day so that I wouldn’t disappoint any of my followers and to gain as many followers as possible. Ouch, that were just a couple of them, but there were plenty more.. The good thing is that usually I become aware of it by myself, but I find it hard to get rid of it. For some reason I always want things to get better and better. As soon as I notice progression I want to increase it and push it to its limits to see how good, pretty or whatever else it or I can become.
Does anyone recognize him or herself in this and found a great way to cope with it or even avoid it? 

p.s. I’ll continue my AFW series of posts soon! 

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It’s time to party!

My life


Autumn break finally started! After a couple weeks of die-hard studying and doing loads of homework, or not, it’s time to relax! I’m currently so excited but nervous at the same time, since I’m throwing a huge birthday bash tonight and lots of friends are coming. The thing is, that I don’t know yet what I’m going to wear! I’m now about to take a shower, put on my make-up and look for an outfit, which probably will take me hours. Then go to the city centre to eat sushi with one of my dearest friends until the party starts. Should I wear a dress, go for a classy black outfit, wear heels or flats, wear something comfortable, sporty, bare legs or cover them.. So many possibilities!! Another thing that stresses me out are questions such as: Should I bring my camera with me to take photos or not? Big or small bag? Which colour should I paint my nails? This list could go on and on..
Suggestions? Tips? 

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