Time for some changes


lishenho, li shen ho, lishen hoMaybe you’ve noticed it already, maybe you have not. Yesterday afternoon and evening, I spent looking for a new lay-out. Not only because I felt annoyed by the fact that there was this space on the left side of each of my photos, due to a time stamp, but also because I had an urge to some refreshment. Even though the bright colors in my menu appeared joyful and happy, it felt very childish and unprofessional to me. On that account, I picked the one you’re able to see now! I did not delete the menu, so if you’re particularly looking for some content on my blog then you still can. Just scroll all the way down the page and click the plus sign.

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My blogs 1st anniversary!


It’s exactly one year ago that I started this blog. I had never expected that I’d still be blogging after a whole year of publishing a new post with different photos almost every single day. This was definitely not easy for me to achieve at all, since I often had to make time for blogging instead of drowning in spare time to blog.  However, I’ve never regretted creating my own blog, since it was so worth it. All the quarrels with my parents about not spending enough time to my schoolwork, all the stress I got from a camera that somedays all of a sudden stopped working properly, the pressure that I put onto myself to write something even when I had a huge lack of inspiration, the nerves that I got when I attended an event or the anger that was caused by my sisters when they ruined my photos or laughed at me when I made a complete fool of myself by experimenting with tips and tricks that I’d read online on how to get the best out of your photos. It was all worth the experiences that enriched my life. I want to thank everyone that supported me to blog and of course to everyone that has been visiting my blog, following me on different social media networks and to those who leave such nice comments. I owe you a lot, since you’ve kept me blogging even in times that I was thinking about quitting. I really hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts more and more in the future.
Thank you

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Click the more button to travel back in time with me. It’s a small summary of my outfit progress, hope you like it (: