Highlights of 2013

My life

IMG_2368 IMG_0481 paris IMG_0527 lishen ho, lishenho, li shen ho IMG_2055 IMG_4551 IMG_0612 diary, pimp, school, tumblr flower skirt, outfit IMG_0611 photography IMG_0408 canon eos 100D nike air max 1 vt qs qomen black ootd, outfit prom, dress, nelly, lishen ho, lishenho, li shen ho IMG_5345  giveaway, give away, hakunamatata, sweater, noa & ivy IMG_6233 paris lishenho, cover, iphone 4, case, name naked, make-up zara, necklace, fashion IMG_7262 IMG_0405 photography, fashion photography lishenho, li shen ho, lishen ho  mountains, switzerland, free summer, holidays summer, holidays summer, holidays IMG_0994 IMG_1210 urban outfitters shirt, longchamp bag, zara trousers IMG_7302 dreams  paris Amsterdam Fashion Week, AFW 2lovetonycohen, tony cohen, afw, amsterdam fashion weekRome with school – Dutch Junior Open – Believe Tour – Bloggers event – First statement necklace –  Italy with my family – Canon 100D – First time fishing – Met incredibly amazing people – First job – Improved my photography skills – Paris with school – Amsterdam Fashion Week – Great Christmas – First air max 1 – The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour starring Beyoncé – Received high grades at school – Paris with my family – 2LoveTonyCohen fashion show – Prom – Switzerland with my family  – Huge birthday bash – Give away cooperation with Noa & Ivy
and a lot more..

What was your highlight of 2013?

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My life

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I think last month, has been a very amazing one. I went to my first bloggers event, thanks to CreamPR, got to see Justin Bieber AND Beyoncé performing live, which was absolutely breath-taking, bought so many new bags, went to parties, challenged myself in life a lot more, got to meet new people, bought my first lipstain and so many more things happened in this month. Frankly, this was the first month in my entire life that I have actually enjoyed living to the fullest. I really hope may will be just as amazing or maybe even better than april. I still have so much to post about this month, such as part 2 of the photos I took when I went to the Believetour, an article I found in last month’s Vogue that I still want to share with you, a chocolate-recommendation I recently stumbled on and the highlights of my blog so far, since today my blog exists for 6 months already! Happy half-year-existence to my blog? hahaha ;)
What was your absolute highlight in april?

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