New header!



After a long time, I’ve finally made a new header! I think this one fits better to my blog, since it’s more white and simply, instead of an orange toned one. The other one turned out like that because of the sun. I really hope you like this one much more as well. However, I’m always open for feedback. Don’t even start doubting whether to comment or not, just go for it and leave your most honest opinion about it. The only way to improve is to receive negative comments, right?
It’s snowing again, oh my god. How is that even possible? I thought the weather was already becoming better and better.. guess not

what do you think of this header?

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Where to find me..


This blog “Lishenho-” is pretty much my diary as you might have noticed. I write down whatever I feel and show photos of my outfits and other fashion related things. However, there is more..

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This is where I get my inspiration from. My source of inspiration consists of 2 websites: Tumblr and Bloglovin’. Tumblr is where I actually search for photos that inspire me. I daily reblog photos that I like and answer messages from people.

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I use Bloglovin’ to keep up to date with fashion blogs from all over the world. It gives me an overview of posts that I’ve read and ones that I haven’t yet. It also enables me to like posts, so that I can easily read them again. You can follow me on bloglovin as well, which makes it easier for you to see whenever there’s something new on it.

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On twitter is where I write what currently keeps me going. I’ll tweet where I’m up to and sometimes how I feel or what I think of. Other than that, I also tweet a link to my blog whenever I post something new. Here you can also talk to me, since I’m always in for a chitchat, or ask me anything you’d like to know about me(:

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I used to only post photos that I used on my blog, but since about a week, I’m taking more photos of my life that aren’t fashion related. Instagram is where I keep you up to date about my life with photos. I think photos can say more than words can, that’s why I love instagram so much. It’s became one of my newest addictions.. I’m thinking about also posting photos that I really like, but I’m not sure yet.. what do you think?

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Whenever I post something on my blog, there will be a link to it on my Facebook immediately. For those who want to follow my blog but don’t have a wordpress acount, nor a bloglovin account can like my facebook page to stay up to date. You’ll also see fashion relating photos on it, that I really like. I chose those photos either from tumblr or weheartit.


This is where I post about anything that doesn’t have to do with all my other accounts. My weheartit account mostly consists of summer-ish photos and interior photos. Although I’ve got a tumblr where I also share photos like these, I decided to have a weheartit account like this as well.

What is your favorite website?