LiveLaughLove is a fancy, daring but affordable jewelry brand. The jewelry comes from all over the world to keep everything up-to-date to the latest trends. However, there are hand made jewelries as well. The people who create those pieces, do this very accurately, with as result that the jewelry look very fashionable, though, not too expensive. Her collection consists of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. The price varies between € 5,95-17,95

LiveLaughLove was established by Kimberley van Aalst. A 22-year-old woman who has a positive outlook on life. After working for fashion designer Monique Collignon, she wanted to try a new experience. Her passion and love for jewelry made her set up her own brand.

Celebs as Myrthe Mylius, Jasmine Sendar  en Miss Nederland-World Nathalie den Dekker were already spotted wearing jewelry from LiveLaughLove

You can order her jewelry on

Sinterklaas (part 3)


Friday, december the 7th, I celebrated Sinterklaas with a couple girls from my hockey team. We ate soup with some bread as appetizer, and pasta with chicken and paprika as main course. It was super delicious, thanks to Cato’s mom! We talked and especially laughed a lot. Yeah, we were having lots of fun, until.. Someone threw snowballs against the window, which scared us a lot, since it happened suddenly. Turned out it were a couple little boys..

Anyways, I got these really nice bracelets from Pien:

IMG_9425 IMG_9423

I really like the combination of the gold and dark blue(: