I’m really really sorry for not posting anything the day before yesterday, but I can explain how come… As some of you might know, it happened to be Chinese New Year frebruary the 10th. To celebrate that, my family, lots of other people and I went to Utrecht. I had lots of fun there, since there was delicious food and lovely music. My cousin and I played roulette. Actually, I didn’t do anything, since I’m a bit scared of betting. The only reason why I was there, was because every person under the 16, had to have someone who was atleast 16 *cough* me *cough* with him. He almost won a Samsung television, but then lost all his counters(?) within a few minutes. Anyways, I spent 5 hours watching him playing roulette ‘cause it was so freaking thrilling! If you’re wondering whether the title of this post has anything to do with my story then the answer is no. However, in my opinion, it does a little bit though: I really like the dress I’m wearing and I think playing roulette is something bad? ;$

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My outfit consisted of a dark blue ABERCROMBIE & FITCH dress, which I bought in Milan. I freaking love this dress, it’s probably my favorite one. A black scarf from.. I actually don’t even know.. I think it was my mom’s but after wearing it once I practially claimed it and kept it in my room. A beige SMAAK bag and black UGG AUSTRALIA wedges. I bought these last year and they are really comfortable to wear. I would recommened to anyone, seriously! They aren’t hard to combine with, they practically fit with every outfit and I just really like them(:

IMG_0890 IMG_0895 IMG_0907 IMG_0917 IMG_0923

How was your weekend?