Christmas supper

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christmas-supper1As usual, my mom prepared an amazingly delicious christmas supper for the all of us. I didn’t take pictures of every course, since I totally forgot and was enjoying the time with everyone lots. However, now that it’s the day after and I stood on the scales already, I only noticed that I’ve gained quite some weight. So, as soon as I finished eating breakfast, I jumped into the pool and swam sooo many laps, I even lost count!
Where have you been up to the day after?

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Christmas outfit (part 2)


Yesterday evening I celebrated christmas with my own family at my uncle’s. Just like the day before, we ate loads of food, all super delicious. However, this led to stomachaches again (& I still have one right now!). I feel as if I’ve gained about 300 kg(!!) hahaha
I’m really nervous for tonight, because it will be my first one as waitress in a restaurant. I’m so scared that I will drop everything or fall or hurt someone.. I’ve never done it before, how am I suppose to do everything correctly?! what if I forgot something?
Yesterday’s outfit consisted of an ASOS dress, H&M heels and tights.


What did you get from Santa?