New in from Vancouver




My mom finally came home today from her trip to Vancouver and surprisingly to me, she brought some new clothes with her, including some for me! Before she left, she asked me whether she needed to bring something for me with her, but I told her that I was fine with the stuff I had, so I nodded politely. However, she’s the kind of mother that simply has to buy something when she thinks it’s pretty. Luckily, her taste in clothes is very good, so I’m very happy with my new clothing pieces. I’m going to pack some stuff now to go to one of my friends’ birthday party. I’m so glad it’s finally friday again, which means the weekend is starting today!
Do you have any events planned this weekend?

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outfit outfit outfit outfit

Approximately one month ago, I wore this exact same outfit on one of my free days. Click HERE to be redirected to the outfit. Pretty much immediately, I received a message from one of my friends, in which she wrote me how much she liked the outfit and how lovely it would be if I wore it to school some day. However, due to the bad weather that followed and my insecurity about this look, I postponed it for weeks until today. Today is my last official school day of this school year. So to me, it was pretty much now or never. Fortunately, I got super nice feedback about it from many people, which boosted up my confidence.. thank you for that (:

p.s. From tomorrow on, I’ll have to prepare and study for 11 tests that I’ll have to take within the next 8 workdays. They’re all very important to me, as the results will decide whether I pass this year or not..  As you now hopefully understand, school is currently my main priority. I simply don’t have enough time to blog the same amount as I used to before, but I’ll promise to get back on track when everything is finished. Wish me luck and have your fingers crossed please!

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