As dark as the night sky


IMG_6439 Dark blue with black sweater from Zara // Black and white sweater from H&M

These were the latest clothing items that I’ve purchased, which happened a couple weeks ago. I’ve been postponing this post for a very very long time, simply because I wasn’t sure whether this was worth sharing or not. Not until today, since the sweater on top was part of today’s outfit and I received really nice feedback about it. You might wonder now why this was such a big deal for me to share or not to share with you, so I’ll explain it to you. One of the color combinations that I usually find horrific to see together are black and dark blue. I’m not saying that it looks ugly all the time, because I did see some amazing black/blue outfits on other blogs, but it’s just not something I’d easily pick together. However, one day I decided to for damn sake get out of my comfort zone and to buy it anyways. Although I had my doubts, although I wasn’t sure yet how, nor when to wear it. I combined the dark blue/black sweater with a pair of black trousers, my black nike air max and finished it off with a statement necklace.
What do you think of the colors black and dark blue in one outfit? Would you wear it?

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Noa & Ivy: GIVE AWAY

Advert, Give aways

IMG_5435 IMG_5450

It’s finally time to share it with you, it’s time for a give away! I received this wonderful sweater from Masha, owner of Noa & Ivy. Noa & Ivy is a brand that’s devisable in 2 parts. One is called Noa, made for girly girls. This collection is made with many bright colours and small details. The other part of Noa & Ivy is called, as you probably expect by now, Ivy. The clothes and jewelry are for the tougher girls. Although I wouldn’t say I’m a tough girl, I like this collection more. Especially this tshirt and this top.

How to enter the give away? click HERE*

You can increase your chances to win by asking your friends to like my facebookpage and let them message me your name. I’ll make sure you get an extra entry point afterwards. When they liked it, they will enter this give away as well, so this will be a win-win situation for you both(:

*This giveaway is worldwide
*Only one winner will be picked
*The giveaway will be opened until saturday, september 28th 2013

click HERE to be redirected to the Noa & Ivy website


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