Today I decided to wear something so not me, just for fun, to try haha. I’m not sure whether it turned out well, but it did feel very comfy and warm(: I think it’s good to try different clothing styles every now and then, just to see what flatters your figure most.
It’s already thursday today, gosh, only one day left till the freaking weekend!
Cheeeeers to the freaking weekend, I drink to that.. yeaaaah.
I’m starting to enjoy working more and more and starting to notice that I’m less shy in front of strange people. I never thought I would ever say this, but I love to meet new people! I used to be really insecure and quiet around people I don’t know. I used to be the kind of person who first watches how everyone else acts like, until I start talking and doing things myself, you know? I’d always wait until someone else starts talking to me, instead of taking the initiative.

outfit: ABERCROMBIE & FITCH shirt, SCOTCH & SODA pull-over and ZARA trousers.

what do you think of my outfit? 


Leather boots


My mom also bought me these UGG Australia boots in Chicago. I reaaaaaaaaally like them, eventhough they remind me a bit of horse-rinding boots, haha. Many people only know UGG Australia because of their soft, comfy, but not-so-charming shoes. I have to admit, they feel like heaven on your feet and I’ve never had cold feet in them, but they just don’t look very classy at all! That’s why I asked my mom to search for leather ones. They’re much more stable and look much prettier with a dress or a skirt, rather than with sneakers or whatever.