Today’s outfit



Outfit: AMERICA TODAY denim jacket, URBAN OUTFITTERS shirt, ZARA trousers

I can’t believe it’s only 1 schoolday left until the holidays! I’m going to Switzerland for one week with my family and my boyfriend. I can’t wait until I won’t have to worry about homework anymore and just chill everyday in my pj’s. When I came home today it felt as if my hands and feet were about to fall off! It was raining just a little bit but the wind was very cold and strong, ugh, couldn’t be worse! Gladly, I’m home now. My sister asked me to help her choosing an outfit for tonight’s diner at school because of christmas, so cute! I chose a cute black dress from zara with a light pink blazer from zara for her. It looks really nice and super classy haha. Although I don’t believe the world is about to end tomorrow, I am a little scared for it. Does anyone actually believe it? It’s also my grandpa’s birthday then. He’d turn 81 if he were still alive.. My family will celebrate his birthday though, by eating in a chinese restaurant with all my aunts, uncles and nieces.
I’m picking my giveaway winner tonight at 8 pm (GMT +1:00), so stay tuned between 8-9 pm for a post mentioning the winner.


New denim jacket


Right after school, I went to the city centre, to look for a white dress for the SGB White Christmas party. I went to many shops, but just couldn’t find the right one, so I returned home without the dress I’d hoped for.. nevertheless, I did buy something else!

A denim jacket, which I had been searching for, for so long! I’m absolutely in love with it and am determined to wear it a lot, haha. What I realised the last weeks, is that the purchases I buy with my own money are things I use a lot more, than the stuff I buy when I’m with my mom. Unfortunately, I’m becoming broke because of this, although in my eyes, the money was spend wisely. However, I’m dealing with a huge problem now: WHAT TO WEAR TO THE PARTY?? I don’t have a single clue, but hopefully I’ll get a sign from above, telling me what to wear..

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