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I have been searching for the perfect lipstick for months, without success. Not until I asked my mom to help me. She suggested me to check out her collection of lipsticks, since she has lots of them. A bit disappointed because of the fact that I wanted to buy my own very first lipstick myself, but also willing to find something, I walked to her bathroom and opened her drawer… with success! I found 2 lipsticks that were exactly what I’d been looking for: naturally looking with a little touch. I now wear them on a daily basis and am so happy that I’ve finally found them!
Do you use or like lipstick?
p.s. should I post one or two posts a day?

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what do you think?

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As promised, a photo of my new foundation and concealer, both from Dior. I really like them, as they give my skin a more equal appearance. Would definitely recommend them to other people!
The last couple days, people, from who I least expected it, approached me and told me they liked reading my blog. This has given me such a good feeling and I wanted to thank those people again for telling me this(: I’ve now been blogging for almost 6 months already and it has been such a blessing for me that some people visit my blog on a daily basis. Tomorrow is my blog’s half-year-anniversary, which I still can’t believe, yet it really is happening. I try to improve myself a little more every day, although it’s hard to. In order to do this, I’ll need to receive feedback from people telling me what I could do better or what I should avoid doing. So, I was wondering whether YOU could give me your opinion about my blog. It could be anything, just let me know by leaving a comment(:
what could I do better or what should I avoid doing? what do you like most about my blog and what do you dislike most?

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