Dutch Vogue: May’s issue


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Yesterday evening I spent my time reading this month’s Vogue. I stumbled on very pretty pages, of which I took some photos this afternoon. I really hope you enjoy this more than my usual posts about a new Vogue I received, as I put more effort in this one. I tried to show you more of what was inside the vogue, rather than just showing you the cover of it. I noticed many black and white clothing with abstract prints on them, such as stripes. You probably have spotted them in many stores already, but I love striped trousers nowadays! Haven’t find the right fitting for me yet, nor do I think I will, as the stripes will make my body look weird haha. There were columns written about festivals, how to get lovely legs, an interview with some designers, white bags, perfumes and even Cara Delevigne! Of course there was much more, but I don’t want to spoil everything to those who still have to buy one ;)
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