“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

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canon eos 100D

I hope that within the time that you’ve been following my blog, you’ve noticed how much I love photography. Whether it’s a photo of people, such as my sisters, or new items that I’ve received or bought. Although I have times when I’m just too busy with school, I really try my best to post high quality photos. In my eyes, there are 2 things that mainly influence the quality of a photo. The first thing is a great camera. I know that many people can take amazing photos even with the crappiest camera. However, I do see a difference when I photograph with my digital Sony or my dad’s Canon. Luckily, I’d saved enough money to buy my own. When I went to buy one, I’d planned to buy either a Canon EOS 550D or 600D, until I saw the 100D and simply fell in love with it. The amount of money that I’ve sent on my own camera is a lot more than I’d expected. Although I’m happier with it than I could ever imagine to be. The second thing that’s important for a breath-taking photo is technique. Mine is pretty average, I think. That’s why I’m trying to improve mine a lot, since I’ve got loads of spare time now. I really hope that you will see a difference by the end of this summer break. It’s very difficult to improve if I don’t get any feedback, so it would be lovely if you took one minute to simply write down what you like or dislike about my photos and my writing skills. Just comment below how you think I could improve my blog quality. Thank you for reading


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what do you think?

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As promised, a photo of my new foundation and concealer, both from Dior. I really like them, as they give my skin a more equal appearance. Would definitely recommend them to other people!
The last couple days, people, from who I least expected it, approached me and told me they liked reading my blog. This has given me such a good feeling and I wanted to thank those people again for telling me this(: I’ve now been blogging for almost 6 months already and it has been such a blessing for me that some people visit my blog on a daily basis. Tomorrow is my blog’s half-year-anniversary, which I still can’t believe, yet it really is happening. I try to improve myself a little more every day, although it’s hard to. In order to do this, I’ll need to receive feedback from people telling me what I could do better or what I should avoid doing. So, I was wondering whether YOU could give me your opinion about my blog. It could be anything, just let me know by leaving a comment(:
what could I do better or what should I avoid doing? what do you like most about my blog and what do you dislike most?

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