First impressions


IMG_4682 (1) IMG_4701 IMG_4698 IMG_4686I arrived in Japan safely and although I’ve got a great jet lag and I’m editing photos at 3:30 am, I am very satisfied with the trip so far and slept quite well during my flight. There’s just one big struggle for me: the language, but I hope that’ll become less of a problem the longer my stay here. As you can see in the photos above, there’s loads of food and restaurants here, which is heaven for me. I’ve got to go to bed now, but you’ll hear from me very soon again!

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Upper East Side

My life

new-york-streets2 One of the districts that most girls want to visit when they’re in New York, due to e.g. movies and series (GOSSIP GIRL!!), is the Upper East Side. My mom suggested us to visit a great cake boutique called ‘Lady M’. It’s worldwide famous for its ‘Mille Crêpes’ cake, which features twenty paper-thin crêpes layered with light pastry cream. Therefore, my dad and I felt the urge to go there, to taste it. We picked the Citron Mille Crêpes and their signature Mille Crêpes. I found it quite hard to pick something, since there was so much to choose of. Personally, I liked the citron one more, as it tasted cheesecake a-like – I’m a huge cheesecake lover, which, however, is a bit unfortunate for my body – and was less creamy, as I don’t like creamy food. I would highly recommend you to go there, if you like cake and/or pastries.

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