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Thank god it’s friday again, I’ve never wanted the weekend to come as much as I do today. The weather has been such a mess these days. One minute the sun shines, while suddenly the next, there’s snow outside..
Today’s post isn’t going to be that long, since I don’t have that much to tell you. My cousins are coming today and they’ll stay here until sunday, which is going to be so much fun! They’re all so sweet, but also very hyper active haha.
Next week is going to be a hard week for me, since I’ve got at least one exam every day. I’ve got to study very hard, since I want to succeed this year so badly. Not sure what I’ll post about, nor do I know whether I’ll post everyday, but I’ll try my best.
Got to prepare myself for work in a couple minutes(:
what’s your weekend going to be like? any exciting plans?
p.s. any suggestions for posts?

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Goodbye January, Hello February!



Luckily, my schooldays on friday are always short, which gives me time to rest and enjoy the weekend very early. I often write blogposts for the next couple days on friday, in case I don’t have enough time to write.
The month February started today, which means: HOLIDAYS! I can’t wait to go skiing & snowboarding, to play in the snow and just have fun with my sisters. February also means: VALENTINES DAY! Unfortunately, I won’t get to spend valentines day with my boyfriend, since I’ll be in Switzerland then..

do you have a boyfriend or a crush? what are your february wishes?

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