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It’s finally time to share it with you, it’s time for a give away! I received this wonderful sweater from Masha, owner of Noa & Ivy. Noa & Ivy is a brand that’s devisable in 2 parts. One is called Noa, made for girly girls. This collection is made with many bright colours and small details. The other part of Noa & Ivy is called, as you probably expect by now, Ivy. The clothes and jewelry are for the tougher girls. Although I wouldn’t say I’m a tough girl, I like this collection more. Especially this tshirt and this top.

How to enter the give away? click HERE*

You can increase your chances to win by asking your friends to like my facebookpage and let them message me your name. I’ll make sure you get an extra entry point afterwards. When they liked it, they will enter this give away as well, so this will be a win-win situation for you both(:

*This giveaway is worldwide
*Only one winner will be picked
*The giveaway will be opened until saturday, september 28th 2013

click HERE to be redirected to the Noa & Ivy website


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Today’s outfit



Outfit: AMERICA TODAY denim jacket, URBAN OUTFITTERS shirt, ZARA trousers

I can’t believe it’s only 1 schoolday left until the holidays! I’m going to Switzerland for one week with my family and my boyfriend. I can’t wait until I won’t have to worry about homework anymore and just chill everyday in my pj’s. When I came home today it felt as if my hands and feet were about to fall off! It was raining just a little bit but the wind was very cold and strong, ugh, couldn’t be worse! Gladly, I’m home now. My sister asked me to help her choosing an outfit for tonight’s diner at school because of christmas, so cute! I chose a cute black dress from zara with a light pink blazer from zara for her. It looks really nice and super classy haha. Although I don’t believe the world is about to end tomorrow, I am a little scared for it. Does anyone actually believe it? It’s also my grandpa’s birthday then. He’d turn 81 if he were still alive.. My family will celebrate his birthday though, by eating in a chinese restaurant with all my aunts, uncles and nieces.
I’m picking my giveaway winner tonight at 8 pm (GMT +1:00), so stay tuned between 8-9 pm for a post mentioning the winner.