Gold handcuffs


bracelet, gold, handcuffs

I don’t easily grab gold jewelry out of my jewelry box, as I’m scared it makes me look vulgar, which is pretty much the opposite of what  I want people to think about me. Today was slightly different though. As you might, or might not know, I did a give away in the past once. The winner, in that case Sophie Porro, got to pick one of the items that I ordered from a webshop. She chose a gold skull bracelet,  which you can see in the post I’ll link below. This means that there were 2 other bracelets left with me. I’ve never used them so far, so I decided to change that and picked one of them today. I’m wearing a gold bracelet with tiny handcuffs on it and I actually like this one very much.
what do you think of this bracelet?

p.s. click HERE to see the post of my (closed) giveaway. oh and other than that, I might give away the silver skull bracelet as well, anyone interested?

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