Gold handcuffs


bracelet, gold, handcuffs

I don’t easily grab gold jewelry out of my jewelry box, as I’m scared it makes me look vulgar, which is pretty much the opposite of what  I want people to think about me. Today was slightly different though. As you might, or might not know, I did a give away in the past once. The winner, in that case Sophie Porro, got to pick one of the items that I ordered from a webshop. She chose a gold skull bracelet,  which you can see in the post I’ll link below. This means that there were 2 other bracelets left with me. I’ve never used them so far, so I decided to change that and picked one of them today. I’m wearing a gold bracelet with tiny handcuffs on it and I actually like this one very much.
what do you think of this bracelet?

p.s. click HERE to see the post of my (closed) giveaway. oh and other than that, I might give away the silver skull bracelet as well, anyone interested?

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march 31th 2013


IMG_3259 IMG_3263 IMG_3258 IMG_3264

Cardigan from Abercrombie & Fitch // Trousers from Zara // Bag from Ihonestlyhavenoidea

I just came back from a restaurant called Blok 62 where my family and I ate lunch together. I’ve never felt as full as I do right now, but it was definitely worth it.
In today’s post I want to emphasize the bag in the photos. I received it from my grandma, who once saw it at the hairdresser and just thought it would be perfect for me. I would absolutely agree with her, because it’s one of my favorite ones. It’s simple, but not boring. The studs are the perfect detail and the bag is big enough to put in anything I want.
what do you think of it?

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