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When I was younger, I wanted to have curls really badly. I absolutely hated my straight hair, because in my eyes it looked boring. I tried many things in order to get them: hair rollers, sleeping with a bun or braid, keep a braid in for a whole day and curl it with a straightener. This caused my hair looking either awfully curled, a huge lack of sleep or sometimes even both. To make it all worse, my hair then gets very fuzzy. Nope, would definitely not recommend anyone to try any of the above mentioned methods. Fortunately, I’ve discovered my own way to get wavy-looking hair and it’s actually pretty simple to get them. First of all, wash your hair and let it air dry. When it’s almost dry, not perfectly dry yet though, brush it trough, make a pony tail and hold it in its place with your hands. Then simply turn your hair over and over again until it automatically wraps itself up like a (very forced) bun. Wrap a rubber, or if you’ve got very thick and many hair even two rubbers, around the bun to keep it in place. When your hair is dry simply remove the rubber and spray some hairspray in your hair. Do not brush your hair after removing the rubber(!), but simple get it in shape with your hands. It’s very important to let your hair dry a little bit after washing it, because it won’t be able to dry well, if you don’t. Hope it works, good luck! Don’t forget to let me know what you think about this (:

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My life

As I wrote in my last post, I went to the hairdresser this morning and I went bald.. alright, just kidding. I though about cutting 5 cm off my hair, but my hairdresser thought 9 was better. I trust him, so I agreed and I’m glad I did. It turned out better than I thought it would. My hair looks a lot healthier now and a lot shinier and prettier. Yesterday I promised to take photos of my hair, so here you go..
I’m currently feeling very sick. My mom says it’s because of my tiredness. Yesterday evening I went to bed at 3 am, since I had to work and yeah.. I’m just very slow when it comes to preparing myself to go to bed. I had to wake up this morning at 8:30 already, as my mom thought “Hmmm.. why not make a very early appointment so I can relax the rest of the day”. Well, thanks mom.

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how is your weekend so far?
little note: I made a new banner, which I will show you within the next couple days! Who’s excited? *raises hand while jumping*

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