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As I wrote in my last post, I went to the hairdresser this morning and I went bald.. alright, just kidding. I though about cutting 5 cm off my hair, but my hairdresser thought 9 was better. I trust him, so I agreed and I’m glad I did. It turned out better than I thought it would. My hair looks a lot healthier now and a lot shinier and prettier. Yesterday I promised to take photos of my hair, so here you go..
I’m currently feeling very sick. My mom says it’s because of my tiredness. Yesterday evening I went to bed at 3 am, since I had to work and yeah.. I’m just very slow when it comes to preparing myself to go to bed. I had to wake up this morning at 8:30 already, as my mom thought “Hmmm.. why not make a very early appointment so I can relax the rest of the day”. Well, thanks mom.

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how is your weekend so far?
little note: I made a new banner, which I will show you within the next couple days! Who’s excited? *raises hand while jumping*

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half of me



I had this love idea to put Rihanna’s song ‘Half of me’ in this post, without showing the video. Do you know what I mean? Like, ehm, just showing the play button and stuff. However, wordpress doesn’t want to work with me, so I decided to just link you to the youtube video. I heard this song a couple days ago for the first time and I really like it. Although playing it on repeat becomes really boring, I would suggest you to listen to it, just once. HERE it is.
I’m not really as sad as I look in the photo, I just thought a sad face fit the music more.. I’m actually pretty cheered up today! It’s finally weekend again, woohoooo! I already wrote a couple posts for the next days, that I’m really excited to publish. Tomorrow I’m going to the hairdresser, finally, so that my hair will look prettier than ever again. Just kidding, my hair always looks so different than it does a couple weeks later. The hairdresser makes it look boring.. I might take a photo of it, to show you guys(:

what’s your weekend going to be like?

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