New header!



After a long time, I’ve finally made a new header! I think this one fits better to my blog, since it’s more white and simply, instead of an orange toned one. The other one turned out like that because of the sun. I really hope you like this one much more as well. However, I’m always open for feedback. Don’t even start doubting whether to comment or not, just go for it and leave your most honest opinion about it. The only way to improve is to receive negative comments, right?
It’s snowing again, oh my god. How is that even possible? I thought the weather was already becoming better and better.. guess not

what do you think of this header?

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new header!


You might have noticed it already, I changed my header! I’ve seen lots of headers so far, since I follow about 20 fashionblog everyday. Every single of them has such a stunning header, while I had the most crappy white/beige ugly one ever, that’s what it felt like comparing to them haha. I didn’t have a single clue how or with which program they created these art pieces.. After visiting about 25 websites I finally found a way how to! It wasn’t exactly how I wanted it, but it was a beginning(:
It took me about an hour to understand what the girl was trying show me where to click etc., but I finally finished it after trying and trying and even more trying..
I’m honestly very pleased with the result, although I think I could’ve done much better, I just have to practice a lot. It’s the first header I ever made, so yeah, pretty good right?
Other than that, I’ve also changed my background into something more peachy? I’m not sure whether I like it or not..

what do you think of it?