Jeffrey Campbell Perfect 2


Jeffrey Campbell Perfect 2Jeffrey Campbell Perfect 2

I can frankly say that I am absolutely in love with these heels. Not only do I like the model of it, but they are also very easy to walk in. The plateau is really high which compensates the hight of the heel. At first, I had to get used to wearing these just a bit, since the ankle straps are quite small. However, the more you use them, the less it will bother you. I would not say that this pair of heels is cheap, but I definitely think that it is worth its price. Another reason I would recommend you to buy these shoes, is because of the amazing box they are stored in. I mean, just look at it! It is pink and there is a fairy riding a unicorn on it, haha. This pair of Jeffrey Campbell Perfect 2 were bought from Nelly, but there are plenty more websites that sell them as well. They are even available in different colours as well!
What is your favourite pair of shoes and why?

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This is getting out of hand


fred de la bretoniere, shoes, boots, fahsion
Shoes from Fred de la Bretoniere

My addiction for shoes is really getting out of hand, that’s for sure. I know that I quite recently, one week ago to be precise, bought a new pair of black boots, but I just loved this pair of shoes so much and I wanted them so badly. I was suppose to buy these in the first place, in stead of my latest pair, but they weren’t in my size anymore. Not in any store, neither online. Luckily they fit a lot better, thanks to an arch support. I can’t wait to wear them, although I’m really scared that they will get dirty or damaged. I’ll just have to be really careful with them.
Do you like my new shoes?

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