One hell of a party


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Sweater from H&M // Scarf from Only Juul // Bracelets all from Zara

Last night was absolutely crazy! Alright, so it all started when I got home from school. I was supposed to take a nap, so that I’d feel fitter, but because of the adrenaline in my body, I simply couldn’t get myself to sleep. So in stead I took a shower and decided to look for a nice outfit, which was actually quite hard. I ended up wearing something really simple, so it was such a waste of time to try on different outfits for ages. And, when I’d finally put on my make-up and (by then I was already in a big rush) cycled to my friend to pick her up, it started raining.. Not just a frew drops, nope. we were completely soaked by the time we arrived at the restaurant and to make it worse, the water ruined my make-up and my foundation smeared off onto my white top! Luckily it wasn’t very noticeable because it was pretty dark inside the restaurant, as well as the cafe my party was in. Anyways, so we ordered loads of food and both left the restaurant with a stomachache, because of all the delicious sushi we ate. When we got to café Janssen, where I threw my party, my friend and I were surrounded my some people we didn’t know at all, which made us feel rather awkward. Fortunately, later that evening, more people that I invited came and I ended up having the time of my life. I’ve never ever thrown such a, in my opinion, succeeded party in my life, so I felt really proud when I got home. Thanks to everyone that came, it was great having you there!

p.s. Isn’t the iphone case I got absolutely amazing! I’ll post more photos of it soon (:

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Todays detail


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Sweater from H&M // Necklace from Zara

The weather is so disappointing these days, that it’s starting to influence my mood a little. It’s been raining pretty much all day so far and when I woke up this morning, the world outside my bed felt really cold. I hadn’t experienced this feeling anymore for months, so it was quite frustrating for me. Don’t you feel crappy when you realize the summer is actually about to end?
I’m currently busy trying to set up an amazing birthday bash, just like last years, since it’s my birthday in 9 days already. I want everything to be bigger and better, although it’s difficult for me to organize it all by myself. It’s not exactly going the way I’d planned it, but so be it. Luckily, I’ve got some dear friends that offered to help me with it, which calms me down a lot.
Anything I definitely shouldn’t forget to buy/get for my birthday?

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