Fiescheralp, Switzerland


It’s odd to think that the place I disliked most as a kid, over the years, turned into the perfect get-away for me. As we grow older, our lives become more hectic: the list of chores seems endless and the rivalry between students to succeed is brutal. While most of us look for a sunny destination during the holidays (fair enough if you’ve been working/studying inside for weeks or even months), I dare you to be different and to spend a week in the Alpes in summer. Go hiking, mountainbiking, fishing or simply enjoy the view. The air is clean and I can promise you: your body will thank you for that.

– Hotel Blausee (restaurant)
– Hotel Alpina, Fiescheralp (restaurant)

Outfit of Juli 23rd in Perugia


IMG_3612Maxi-dress from Abercrombie & Fitch // Wedges from UGG Australia // Bag from Longchamp

Since I got a year behind and had to mingle into a new year, I lost my passion for photography. – Hmm.. maybe ‘lost’ isn’t the best word to describe it correctly, I prefer the term ‘forgot’ – It wasn’t that I didn’t have any time for it, but I just occasionally forgot to bring my camera with me or the events I attended weren’t exactly the ones I would share with you on my blog. Therefore the connection I felt with the world through my camera unconsciously disappeared.. Until summer break started as well as the start of my gap year. I started realising that I’d missed shooting many great moments that I wish I’d caught in a photograph. Luckily boyfriend, who usually doesn’t like to be photographed nor has any affection with photography, offered to help me with my ‘loss’. He took many photos of me – e.g. the photo used above – and let me photograph him much too. So, thank you :)

P.s. yes, I am fully aware that the photo isn’t focused properly, but I can’t blame the photographer. I used my dad’s lens quite a lot and only until about 2 weeks ago, I realised that the photos seem fine on your camera screen until you look at your photos on your computer and they all turn out blurry…

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