Instalately: November

My life

instagram, lishenho1. Waiting for the train to arrive 2. Keep smiling! 3. Louis Vuitton store in Parisinstagram, lishenho4. Be brave, don’t be a coward 5. Outfit of the day 6. Drinking tea to keep warminstagram, lishenho7. One of my favorite drinks: Innocent 8. In Paris with my friend 9. Part of my addiction to collect Vogue issues

I really hope you’ve enjoyed following me on Instagram this month. I’m trying to keep you up to date and to take more photos with my Iphone instead of using photos from my blog. Hopefully it’s working out good, but don’t ever hesitate to leave your feedback below on how to improve my account. I didn’t do anything special today, since I came home very late last night. I went to a birthday party – to be more precise, it was from the girl in my 8th photo -, which made me feel absolutely exhausted this morning. I shot some photos for a post that I’ve been preparing for you for the near future, which is a quite personal one. I really hope it will turn out lovely and that you guys will like it, but we’ll see..

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Instalately: September + October

My life

instagram, lishenho
1. Throw back: Chinese New Year with my dearest grannie 2. Throw back: Paris with school 3. Girl just wanna have funinstagram, lishenho
4. Wonderful necklace that I got for my birthday 5. My winter coat 6. Give away: Noa & Ivyinstagram, lishenho
7. Amazing iPhone case I received for my birthday 8. My friends and I not paying attention in class 9. One of my favorite necklacesinstagram, lishenho
10. And again, we’re not paying attention to our teacher 11. Night out with Valerie 12. Yeah, we really have to change our attitude at school..instagram, lishenho
13. Smile (: 14. Dare to be different 15. Happy Birthday to me!

September and October were over in a blink of an eye. They both included super wonderful times but I can’t deny that I’ve had my downs in these months as well. The fact that a new month started is the perfect opportunity to start all over again, fresh and clean. No more postponing, no more crying over people, no more arguing about nonsense, no more gaining weight and so on. Today is my dads birthday, so to stick to my good intensions is pretty hard. However, I’m genuinely trying my best and already said no when my mother asked me whether I wanted some cake, so I’m quite proud of myself haha.

What was the most noticeable event that happened last month in your life?

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