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Because of the fact that I don’t have any tests tomorrow other than my CAE’s, which I can’t really prepare, other than by writing and reading in english, I decided to write a post on my blog. Not that many has happened in the past few days, since pretty much the only think I do now is studying, working and posting photos on Instagram and reblogging on Tumblr. I do have something that I’d like to share with you though! A couple days ago, I came across a blog I’d never visited before, and absolutely fell in love with the photos on it. The owner of the blog is called Maren and she’s from Norway. I honestly don’t know very much about her yet, since I can’t understand anything norwegian, but it’s definitely a blog I would recommend checking! Just click HERE to be redirected.
Have a lovely day y’all!

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loving my new trousers!


On saturday I wore them by day, but also by night when I was working as a waitress and later when I went to a birthdaybash. They fitted so nicely and I really like the colour of it. Unfortunately, they got very dirty because of all the drinks that got spoiled over it and such haha.
Maybe it’s just me, but since I started working as waitress, I noticed that my legs are looking more toned up. It makes me so happy every morning (I know this sounds so weird, but the way my legs look like every morning affects my mood that day. The bigger my thigh-gap is, the happier I feel).
Yesterday, as I mentioned in my last post, I went to Erasmus Rotterdam, which gave me a really good impression of the ambiance there. I honestly had expected a worse day than it turned out to be, haha. However, this makes the decision between universities a lot harder. I still don’t have a single clue where I want to go.. still doubting between UvA(Amsterdam), UU(Utrecht) and Erasmus(Rotterdam)

how was your weekend and what are your plans for the future?


Although it looks as if they’re black, my pants are blue-ish