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As I mentioned in today’s previous post, have I been shopping yesterday for some new make-up products. One of the items I bought was a lip stain from NYC. I personally think the lip stain just isn’t the perfect color for me. The color is a bit to intense for me I guess. After I applied it on, I noticed that I wasn’t able to remove it with a tissue, which felt as something positive but also negative at the same time. I then ate my supper and found out that it made the color look a lot softer and more dark pinkish. I now love it heaps! It was too dark to take a photo at that time, but you might see it in one of my posts in the future?
what do you think? which make-up brand has lovely lipsticks that look soft/natural and stay well?

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new beauty products!

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Yesterday evening, I went to a drugstore right after I published a post. I’ve been looking for the perfect lipstick for a couple months now, but haven’t found anything near perfect yet. Also, have I been very curious about lip stains, so I decided to look for both. I ended up buying 3 new nail polishes, a lip stain, a lip liner and a new lip balm. I’m very satisfied with the lip liner and the lip balm, but haven’t tried the nail polishes on so far. If you want to know how the lip stain turned out to me, I’d recommend you to keep checking out my blog today, because I’ll post more about it later today (with pictures of me wearing it!!!)
what’s your favorite make-up product?

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