The sun is shining, I feel good..

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lishenho lishenho

Yesterday evening turned out to be a lot different than expected. Not only made the alcohol me realise that I was super tired, but I also noticed the small amount of people from my year that came. I tried to made the best of it, not sure yet though whether I think it succeeded. I’m currently still feeling very tired and having a super sore back from I don’t even know what. My sister took my dad’s camera with her for the second day in a row, which sucks a lot, since this means that I can’t take any photos today. Luckily, I still had some yet unpublished photos on my laptop. Although there are so many negative things on my mind right now, the weather causes a happy feeling inside me. The sun is shining so brightly, so I’m definitely going to take a moment to enjoy it! The only plans I have for today are doing my homework and going out for dinner with my boyfriend’s family.
what’s your day going to be like? the usual relaxing sunday or a very stressful one?

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