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Yesterday my mom went shopping and bought herself some lovely clothes from Mairccain. She buys there a lot quite often, so the people who work there know her pretty well by now. When she was about to pay, the lady asked her whether we, both my sister and I, liked nail polishes, so my mom nodded. She apparently then, my mom told me this story, came back with two small boxes and put it in the plastic bag with my mom’s new purchases. When we arrived back home, my mom handed them over to me and told me to open them. I was very surprised to see such lovely colours inside and I can’t wait to wear them!
Do you use nail polish often? Which would you recommend me to buy?

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new beauty products!

Beauty, New-in

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Yesterday evening, I went to a drugstore right after I published a post. I’ve been looking for the perfect lipstick for a couple months now, but haven’t found anything near perfect yet. Also, have I been very curious about lip stains, so I decided to look for both. I ended up buying 3 new nail polishes, a lip stain, a lip liner and a new lip balm. I’m very satisfied with the lip liner and the lip balm, but haven’t tried the nail polishes on so far. If you want to know how the lip stain turned out to me, I’d recommend you to keep checking out my blog today, because I’ll post more about it later today (with pictures of me wearing it!!!)
what’s your favorite make-up product?

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