white nails


IMG_2955 IMG_2942

I’ve seen this on many more blogs and I really really liked it. I already did it once, but decided to try it again after 2 years. I painted my nails ‘white’. Not the 100% white though, since I thought that wouldn’t fit my skin tone very much. I used a very light pink one and had to paint many layers to get them like this.
what do you think of it?

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When I turned 16, my younger sisters bought me a Marc Jacobs perfume and 2 OPI nailpolishes. I once put them in my closet and forgot the place where I put them in. Not until, a couple days ago. I was packing for Switzerland and suddenly stumbled on them, while I was looking for my gloves. I haven’t used them yet, but I’m planning to use them when it’s summer again. I love the summer-ish colours, they really make me happy.