Message from Paradise


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Whilst driving from Noosa to Hervey Bay, we got to see Australia’s funny street signs for the first time. The sign said ‘Playing Trivia keeps you awake’. We firstly assumed that it meant that drivers had to pull over to play a game of Trivia as soon as they felt tired, but it turned out that there were actually street signs following the other with questions and answers!

There didn’t seem to do much in Hervey Bay, so after visiting the pier, we decided to go for a quick run on the beach. If you know us well, you know that we’re not quite the people that go for a run often, just like we thought. For some reason though, we ran a lot further than we thought we’d done, so by the time we wanted to go back to our car, we couldn’t find it anymore. We were completely lost without cell phones nor money and the road seemed to be endless. Due to the run that had partly taken place among the road and partly on the beach, we also had no clue on whether we had past this yellow building or had to go the opposite direction to get back. Obviously, after a while, we happily found our car back :)

The next stops we made were in Fraser Island to see its magical beaches, lake and creek; Agnes Water/Town of 1770 where we conquered the stormy weather and cooked our greenest –as in containing the most vegetables- meal ever; Rockhampton to visit the Botanic Gardens, its small zoo, the movie theatre where we watched Spectre and to admire the view from the top of Mount Archer; Yeppoon to relax on the beach and to visit the Capricorn Caves; Mackay to visit the wonderful waterfall lakes in which we swam and last but not least, our current destination Airlie Beach, from where we’ll go on a two-day tour to Whitsundays.

484 km to Cairns left..

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306,5 km in 9 days


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Although only 9 days have past since my last post, during that period of time we’ve visited Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane and now Noosa. Let’s go back in time for 9 days. I remember how Philip, Robert and I stumbled through the streets, practically staring at people, because we were so fascinated by the different and so personal styles everyone had. We felt so uncomfortable wearing our boring plain basics that we decided to dedicate the whole next day to finding such interesting clothes. Philip found a rainbow tee, Robert a short-sleeved shirt covered in flowers and I bought a lace top and dress with fringes on it. The second day we did the lighthouse tour and later on bumped into one of Philip’s friends, a Swedish guy, whom we went out with. Obviously we were all wearing our new clothes and Philip ruled the dance floor with his eyes closed, since he was drunk. One of the ‘locals’ – an English guy who had been in Australia for almost 2 years now – recommended us to see the sunset on our last day in Byron. Unfortunately, it was cloudy that evening, so that sucked..

Gold Coast meant saying goodbye to our roomie Philip. Surfers Paradise is a city all based around shopping and partying. There was just one little problem. For some reason, I woke and still wake up every single day at 7 am. There’s not even much light in the room, nor is there any noise to hear, so it really doesn’t make sense at all. Due to this, I get tired every evening around 10 pm, so I wasn’t really into going out. GC’s got great shops though and the beachfront markets are so lovely. Also, shoutout to Dick’s Donuts, because he gave us a delicious donut for free :)

Next stop was Brisbane. We decided to sleep in a dorm room for once, to save up some money and get more in touch with people. Huge anti-climax happened when we checked in: there was no one else to share the room with. Anyway, still had a great time there: visiting the museum, took a dip in the pool of streets beach, enjoyed a lovely fresh ice-tea at South Bank Parklands, walked in the shades of hundreds of thousands pink flowers and I even spontaneously decided to donate some blood to the Australian Red Cross blood service. We also wanted to go to the open air cinema at South Bank on Sunday evening, but sadly this was cancelled due to bad weather expectations. We rented a campervan in Brisbane and went to the Australia Zoo, where we saw different kinds of tigers, koalas, kangaroos, giraffes, zebras, snakes and so much more.

Subsequently, we drove to Noosa but against all expectations slept in a hostel. It is wonderful here and the fact that we have the possibility to go anywhere we want to by car, makes it even better. Today we enjoyed the weather at the beach, did some grocery shopping for the campervan and did the Coast Walk in the National Park.

We’re planning on visiting the Eumundi markets tomorrow and realised that time’s come for us to accept that we can’t continue our quite luxurious little lives anymore..

Any ideas for cheap and easy but still delicious meals?

1600 km to Cairns left..

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