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This month has been in my opinion a very relaxing, but also very stressful month at the same time. The sun started shining a lot and the temperature has risen very much. This gave me the opportunity to go outside and to actually enjoy life. However, the amount of essays and homework the last couple of days is enormous, which made me feel absolutely exhausted! Anyways, had amazing things this month as well, such as a trip to Paris and my first pair of air max! Other than that, my outfit photo in which I’m wearing my Vogue shirt, has been shared a lot online. I’m so glad to know that people like it(:
What was your month like?

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New from Paris


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While my stay in Paris for school, my friends and I were given some spare time. The first thing we thought of was ‘Time to go shopping!’, which probably wouldn’t surprise any of you, right? Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything to buy, which disappointed me a lot, as I expected to find amazing things in Paris. However, I didn’t mind a lot though, since I’m now, for real, saving money to buy a Canon camera. Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right shops? Or maybe I was being too busy looking what other people wore. The people there fascinate me a lot, for some reason. Anyways, I returned home with some souvenirs for my sisters, a french Vogue, a couple necklaces and a legging.. I frankly have no freaking clue why I bought one, since I haven’t worn one for years, but I guess I’ll find that out later? I promise to take more photos of this month’s French Vogue later this month. It looks breath-takingly gorgeous on the inside!

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