Sneek peak


DIY, pictures, lishenho DIY, pictures, lishenho DIY, pictures, lishenho It’s thursday already, which means we’ve only got one day left until the holidays start. The past couple of months have passed so quickly, that I was totally unaware of the nearing schoolbreak, until last monday. School’s been quite uninteresting and the lessons have become really boring ever since, as I am now extremely in need of some rest. In the pictures above, you can see a sneek preview of one of my future posts that I’m preparing for you. I’m not going to spoil anything about it though, so if you’re curious about it, then I’d suggest you to revisit my blog soon again!
What are your plans for the holidays?

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After doubting for a long long time, I finally decided to create a weheartit account. I think it’s a great source for inspiration but also a site where you can find lovely pictures for your background or lockscreen on your phone. To find my weheartit profile, you should click HERE. I’m currently not following anyone, because I have no idea how to find great users. Does anyone know any?