TMCS Outfit


girl urban outfitters shirt, longchamp bag, zara trousers urban outfitters shirt

Top from Urban Outfitters // Trousers from Zara // Bag from Longchamp // Necklace from Reminiscence

This was yesterday’s outfit, when I got to see the one and only ‘Queen B.’ aka Beyoncé! I picked a very simple outfit, since I prefer simplicity above anything else. The show was amazing and I had goosebumps on my arms the whole time she sang. Her moves and sound were both flawless, as well as her looks and background dancers. Everything was simply perfect and I enjoyed being there super much! Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time today to go trough all the pictures and little videos I took, but I’ll promise to do that in the very near future. I’m planning to make a little video of this concert as well, just like I want to do of Justin’s concert. I am now going to take a little nap, as the concert has made me very exhausted.
Stay tuned for more about the Mrs. Carter show and photos I took while being there!

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