The darker the night, the brighter the stars


outfit, lishenho, li shen ho, lishen ho outfit, lishenho, lishen ho, li shen ho outfit, lishenho, li shen ho, lishen hoTop from River Island // Skirt from Brandy Melville // Clutch was a gift // Rings from Six
For a girl who’s only half-way her testweek and has a huge lack of sleep, I’m feeling way too happy today. I don’t have a single clue why, as today’s exams didn’t go that marvelous in my opinion. Maybe it’s the sunny-looking weather that boosted up my mood a little, or maybe the delicious pizza I just ate. Who knows. I’m planning on watching some episodes of Skins or Gossip Girl, taking a small nap and then studying everything for tomorrow.

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Bare skin



Top from Brandy Melville // Skirt from River Island // Necklace from H&M // Ring from River Island // Gold bracelet from Urban Outfitters

Here you go, yesterday’s full outfit! Do you like it and would you actually wear it?
Today’s going to be a very busy one for me as I’ll have to work from 12 pm until approximately 11pm/12am! Like, seriously, are they kidding me or what? I’ve got school tomorrow and test week is coming and aaahh.. Okay, stop. “Never Panic”, that’s the motto. Everything is going to be okay, right?
How are your last weeks of school? stressful or pretty relaxing?

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