New in, Paris


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Clothes are from Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Sandro, Suncoo and Brandy Melville // Boots are from Claudie Pierlot


If you thought that the blouse I showed you in one of my previous posts was the only thing I bought this summer break, then you’re entirely wrong about it. I bought some sweaters, a couple trousers, blouses, tanktops, a cardigan and even some dresses and skirts! Say whaat? Yeah, I know I know haha. I barely have any because I often feel really uncomfortable wearing one, but my mom liked them so much on me, so she bought them for me, although I had my doubts. I also stumbled on some ankle boots from Claudie Pierlot. They leather isn’t a smooth one, which is perfect for the upcoming trend; to mix and match different materials in one outfit.

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Au revoir Paris


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Blouse from Sandro // Tregging from Sandro // Sneakers from Nike // Bag from Longchamp

The reason why I haven’t been active on my blog, nor tumblr or on any other social media account that I have, is because I had been in Paris for the last 3 days. And since a trip to Paris isn’t something that I do every now and then, plus the fact that I have this huge love for this wonderful city, I decided to focus more on enjoying my stay there, instead of spending time blogging and updating everything. I’m glad I’m home now though, because I hadn’t slept in my own bed for the past 3 weeks, which is in my opinion quite a long time. Today’s scheme exists of cleaning my room, unpacking, going to the city centre, editing photos and getting my lashes done. Oh and to rest of course, since yesterday’s drive was rather exhausting for me.
Have a nice day!

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