It’s not only the second best day of the week, friday, but also the first day of the month. The perfect day for a fresh start, don’t you think? Other than that, I’m sorry in advance, but I just can’t stop myself from mentioning it, it’s Justin Bieber’s birthday! He turned 19 already, damn..
As you can see in the photos below, I’ve worn a scarf today, something I rarely do. I don’t know actually why I don’t easily pull a scarf out of my closet. Maybe it’s because I’m too lazy or just don’t have enough that fit my outfit. There’s a reason behind today’s choice it.. my mom knitted it herself! I don’t know why, but she reached a period in life of knitting a lot! It’s getting a bit scary.. Anyways, if she likes it, I’ll let her. I mean, I don’t mind receiving scarfs in every colour I want. Who would?
I combined my scarf with an H&M pullover and black ZARA trousers(:
IMG_1458 IMG_1461

do you like wearing scarfs?

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