My school diary 2013-2014


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Just like I did last year, I decided to buy a quite simple/basic diary and make it mine by being a bit creative. So, I went to the V&D store and bought a black diary which only cost about 7 euros. When my sister saw me buying it, she was like “Li shen, are you sure you really like that diary?” and I was like “Yeah, I’m fine like this” “Aha, okay I guess”. But now that she’s seen the result, she absolutely loves it haha. I’m very pleased with it as well and it didn’t even take me that long to finish it, so I’d recommend this to everyone who likes to be creative or doesn’t want to spend that much money for a diary. I chose impersonal pictures from tumblr on purpose, so that I won’t get bored of looking at it easily. I also picked summer-ish ones with a reason. Winter makes me feel depressed and the green colour looks really refreshing in my opinion, so that’s why. To decorate the inside of your diary, you can either use stamps, stickers, nice coloured pencils or photos with friends or from tumblr. Do it all the way you want it (:
What do you think of it? What does your diary looks like this school year?

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I close my eyes, and.. pray

My life

lishenho lishenho lishenho

Today I had my last tests of this school year, which means that I can finally enjoy summer break now! Although I might have 2 re-examinations next week, I feel as if I’m now free to go and to do whatever I like. School has soaked up all of my energy, which made me feel quite depressed, stressed and sad the past days. Luckily, I can now have fun with friends and maybe spend more time blogging? However my ability to do well at school should show off a lot more in my averages, I’ve decided to accept the fact that I might not even pass this year and try to focus more on what will come, rather thank look back and point out all the mistakes I made. Next school year I’m planning to do it all differently. Not just a little bit and give up after a couple weeks. Nope. This time for real.
Who’s with me?

It’s never too late for a little prayer, right? (don’t judge me on this, I’ve never prayed before. Would love to learn something new though)

Dear God or whoever is up there,
I know I could’ve done better this school year, I know
Just please, give me the chance to show that I can actually do well at school, next year, by letting me pass?
If this turns out to be a bad decision, I’ll get punished enough by failing my exams, don’t you agree?
I’ll try really really hard, I promise
I hope someone’s listening to me..

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