Merry Christmas!


merry-christmas2 merry-christmas4 merry-christmas1 merry-christmas3Tanktop from Abercrombie & Fitch // Cardigan from Scotch & Soda // Skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch
I don’t know about your mom, but mine has been stressing out all day. No wait, it’s even worse. It’s been like this the whole week already. Suddenly all the furniture in the house has to move and nothing’s clean enough. And, in her eyes, nobody’s helping her at all. Family is coming over tonight and she wants everything to be perfect, which I truly understand. However, it’s getting a little out of hand I think. But instead of quarreling with her about how she’s overreacting, I just laugh and calm her down by telling her everything’s going to be okay and that the courses she’s planned to make, look absolutely delicious.
Merry Christmas Everyone!
p.s. Did you watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2013 yesterday? Did you like it?

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Statement necklace

New-in, Outfits

zara necklace zara necklace


Necklace from ZARA // Sweater from Scotch & Soda

It’s been raining all day so far and it’s freezing cold in- and outside. I look pale and tired and I’m shaking constantly, which is awful. Today I picked a very comfortable and simply clothing to make me feel a little bit better and thanks to some wonderful friends I was able to boost my outfit up with this absolutely amazing necklace that they got me. I’m very happy with it!
What’s the weather like in your country? Any plans for today?

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