sneakpeak, lishenho, lishen ho, li shen ho, outfitThe fact that from tomorrow on, I’ve got one up to three tests a day for 5 days kind of freaks me out. Even though I think I’ll be fine, as I’ve been studying quite a bit already. The reason why I haven’t been blogging for the past days is because my mom bought a Netflix membership. Ever since, my sister and I started watching Gossip Girl for hours. Other than that, I also watched a couple of films, a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars, Black Is The New Orange and many more.
Any suggestions for great films or tv series to watch?

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Today’s details


ribs, ribcage H&M necklace nails, rings

As soon as I noticed the sun was shining today, I put on my bikini and ran outside to tan. Yes, it pretty much went as crazy as I just tried to explain it. It didn’t even bother me how many degrees it was, as all I could think of, was to get tanned legs. I feel really uncomfortable to show my legs when they look super pale. You might already knew about my tanning-session, as I posted 2 new photos on Instagram. I feel pretty awkward now that I’ve noticed how many pictures I actually post of myself, whether it’s for or from my blog, just for fun or when someone else takes them of me. I guess I’ll have to decrease it by now.. Today is the only day that I’m able to actually relax, as I’ll have to work tomorrow starting at 12 pm! Everyone is currently out, which means I’m home alone woohoo(: Tonight my dad and I are going to make asparagus, which is probably one of my favorites.
Are you excited to see the whole outfit? Make sure you check out tomorrow’s post! 

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